Istanbul Travel

Millions of local and foreign tourists travelling to Istanbul can contact FJET Aviation, provide travel information and make reservations for Istanbul Airport Meet and Greet services. When the passenger’s plane arrives at the airport and receives FJET customer service, the staff is assigned a concierge welcome of Istanbul Travel. VIP travellers also benefit from the fast track Service. Passport, customs procedures without waiting, accompanied by the hostess, airport Lounge lounges are served. In Istanbul, the places to go for fun are Taksim, Eminönü, Kadıköy and Sultanahmet.

With FJET Istanbul Airport transfer, those who receive VVIP service are taken to these locations by special and comfortable vehicles. FJET Aviation offers a privileged service for those who want to see the Bosphorus view and enjoy the unique scenery in 45 minutes with 5-person helicopters. VIP guests who take lots of pictures and selfies are not left alone in Istanbul city environment. Guests who wish to see historical sites and museums are also provided with a tour accompanied by experienced, patient tourist guides. By midday, we guides, who are getting really hungry, are in a way. They feed their guests to Eminonu with fish and bread they take from the boats. The guide that takes guests to the shops to buy Istanbul memorabilia and gifts will also help with the shopping.

Istanbul Airport Services

Tourists who come to Istanbul with their own private jets and family members enter Istanbul from the GAT terminal at Istanbul airport, where VIP passengers and aircraft are served and where FJET Aviation personnel are always present. These guests who are of moderate behavior, request VVIP services for their reservations to FJET Aviation. When the aircraft arrives at the terminal, all personnel are alarmed by the best service. For Istanbul Airport VIP concierge, FJET flight attendants welcome guests on board. Upon receipt of CIP salana, passport and customs procedures are also finished. Several Istanbul VIP vans are allocated to Arab guests who receive assistance and istanbul airport transit services at Istanbul Airport.

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