Istanbul Airport Vip Services

You can purchase istanbul airport fast track service for comfortable, quick and easy transit to get out of the waiting lines at the airport. You can catch your plane quickly or leave the airport quickly without waiting in queues. You can get information by calling. Istanbul Airport vip Pass and istanbul airport Fast Track Call Center. +90 0541 534 33 44 you can find out about Istanbul Airport fast Track reservation by calling FJET. Fast Track so the rapid transit system is important. It stands out as a service that will prevent you from missing a flight.

If you are flying international, you can take advantage of the international ISG Lounge areas by purchasing istanbul airport fast track. This is a kind of meet and greet service. We provide the fast track and lounge for our customers. If you are flying an international flight, you can purchase FLASH passes and make quick passes using CIP passes through security and passport checkpoints at the terminal. There are different product alternatives under the Fast Track Service. Domestic passengers can purchase the DOMFAST service and use the CIP pass at the terminal. In the same way, domestic passengers can use the domestic LGM Lounge area when they buy fast track. Under the DOMPLUS service, an advantageous service is offered. The Istanbul airport VIP product is available for international passengers. With this product, you can benefit from airport security points and passport control through CIP pass.

At Istanbul Airport, there are 6 different products namely service alternatives. Let’s try to excellent airport experience.

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