Istanbul Airport VIP

Passengers travelling by plane between Europe and Asia use Istanbul Airport to transfer. Istanbul Airport VIP concierge service can be requested by FJET Aviation. During the flight, passengers with a fast track pass by the stewardess are entertained in the airport lounge. While waiting for the other plane. CIP lounges and refreshments used only by VIP passengers are not charged.

Passengers who use the Istanbul Airport VIP facilities for arrival can book FJET Aviation and if they are travelling VIP, benefit from the ASSISTME services VIP concierge and fast track rapid transit. The passenger passing through the private corridors, passport and customs procedures are quickly carried out by FJET Aviation’s staff. The transfer department, also provides the passenger’s transportation to Istanbul city. Travel buses are also provided for the passengers of travel agencies who come to Bodrum,Antalya or Holiday. who have made hotel reservations and request transfers. Istanbul’s shopping and entertainment venues are also provided with VIP vehicles.

Japanese tourists who come to Turkey from the Far East are often more timid and timid in foreign countries. Because they travel as a group, they make reservations with ground handling companies.When they use Istanbul Airport, they always contact FJET Aviation, which serves IGA, 24/7.Japanese guests, who also benefit from a group discount, are greeted by VIP concierge stewardesses at the plane’s door.

Fast track passes are provided through the special corridors in the terminal building of Istanbul airport. AssistME Department, while carrying out passport and customs procedures. The travelling group is also taken to the Airport lounge to relax. Transportation Department also provides transportation to Istanbul city with the buses that are waiting.

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